Out of the Black

A Black metal Documentary

Executive Producer, William Shackleford, Statement on Pablo Vergara, A.K.A Morbid's, Involvement in the Elisa Lam Case

I will issue a brief statement on this non situation as it has nothing, and had nothing, to do with the film. Morbid was cleared by the authorities for this heinous crime and that's good enough for me. Morbid and I, and to my knowledge, Morbid and anyone else involved in this film, have not discussed this case.

Morbid did act as one of the main creative forces behind this film and if it weren't for some stolen, or hijacked, film, he would have contributed more to the project. His participation was and is greatly appreciated.

Morbid and I have had a strained relationship over the last decade but I believe he will come through this as a brand new person and will find it to be a blessing by our Father our God and His Son Jesus Christ. I will not answer any questions about Mr. Vergara, so please don't ask any.

William Shackleford

Executive Producer

Out of the Black - A Black metal Documentary


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